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I've been riding since 1976, my first bike a 350 Honda and then British bikes like BSA & Triumph, which made great Choppers. Today my wife and I own Triumphs and Harley Davidsons.

After 15 yrs in hi-tech and 7 yrs managing an airport shuttle, I found myself in search of new opportunities following the recession of 2008. Few cycle towing outfits existed back then so I decided to form Hawg Hawler Motorcycle Transport in Jan 2009. What began as an occassional transport has grown into a full-time motorcycle towing and transport operation. Integrity, Accountability & Personality is what I strive for at Hawg Hawler... Registered with the Better Business Bureau, accredited and A+ rated. Thanks to our loyal customers who have brought us this far and for making what I/we do enjoyable and successful. Many thanks to the local shops that support us. I look forward to many more years serving the MC Community.   .....Steve Mx

Be An Original

I can certainly appreciate honest competition but “copycats” not so much. Personally, I would never let a guy with a clunky utility trailer haul my cycle anywhere. If you don’t feel the need to invest in a trailer designed for the job then your likely to not carry adequate insurance either. What other short cuts will you take? If you're gonna copy what I do then go the distance and do it right. Otherwise, you give us all a bad name. This is definitely a “buyer beware” industry so I urge consumers to "do there homework". Look for originals...

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